Monday, October 3, 2011

the power of the secret..

its my second blog..whew. im just so inspired about the one that i read, i know some you knew it already or some of you tried this or tried to master it. but for some of those do not know this here is it..

yeah its ''THE SECRET'' its all about law of attraction, how you can attract things that you want and to make it happen. first thing i heard about the secret its like odd, and the first thing comes to my mind is..'' is that for real??'you can have what you want, you can get what you want in just a snap of a finger??.. i laugh at my supervisor at that time, but she tend to explain me everything, give some example how ''The Secret changes her life.. she also told me to do a vision board to put all the things that i want..i was amazed with her story, she also lend me the book of the secret, and that time the moment i was reading it, i tried to play with the so called law of attraction.. first thing ive done is just a simple 'ill be on the office early'' so there you go.. im always late everyday, like 10mins, 5mins late.. cause of traffic, then on that day i attracted that ill be early.. i dont have to worry about the time.. in the secret it says there that all you have to do is believe.. then that day i just did my routine.. not doing any rush , i removed thought of me might get late.. i rode a bus.. and there you go.. im not late.. see? some might say that it might be a coinsidence but for me its the power of the secret..

then after that until now, i kept on playing with the law of attraction..check there website for some inspirational stories..


hope my new blog inspires you that ''nothing is imposible everything is possible''
another story how @@THE SECRET'' change my life on my next post..


  1. i believed in this. it applied to me, ive seen changes in me after watching this!

  2. hi i find your blog interesting :) so i am following you now :) id appreciate if you follow back :)
    The Girl with the Muji Hat

  3. I read the full book.. I have a hardbound copy of this book.bought it 3years ago. It was awesome..